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We recognise that balancing your schedule can be challenging, especially when prioritising your well-being. That’s why, at our Manchester-based clinic, we offer a flexible service ranging from early morning to late evening appointments to accommodate your busy lifestyle.
Federation Gym, Manchester:

Laura Harrison

Dan is without doubt one of the best in his field of work. His knowledge and expertise is second to none. He has helped me not only physically by putting together a specialised plan for my injuries, but also mentally helping me understand by explaining everything throughly and intricately. Dan is warm, friendly and he genuinely cares about each of his clients. My sessions with Dan have not only begun to heal my injuries, but I have built strength, gained knowledge and it's boosted my confidence. I come out of my sessions with spring in my step! Laura Harrison Professional Musical theatre performer

Clare Hayward

After struggling with my knee for a few months, Dan popped round to make an assessment. He was clear, thoughtful, understood my lifestyle and my desire to get moving. He provided advice, guidance and hands on treatment that helped deal with the swelling and pain. I have recommended him to my son and you only do that when you trust someone to make a difference. Thank you Dan. Clare Hayward Company Director Cirus

Jed Berry

I've had the pleasure of being treated by Dan on two separate jobs, where he looked after my feet and voice. In only a few sessions I regained total mobility in my feet in a physically intensive show, and more recently have been making use of his vocal massage skills fora vocally demanding role. Dan has an amazing way of finding the crux of the issue and will resolve it with ease, reassurance and expertise. I would recommend Dan to anyone! Jed Berry West End Actor

A. Zuntz

Dan is an extraordinarily effective physio who has helped me immediately with various joint and muscle problems over the last year and a half. In addition to the treatment he clearly explains the cause of the problems and gives exercises focusing on prevention of reoccurrence and strengthening of the area involved. I feel in great shape thanks to the treatment, core exercises and the inspiration he has given me to get back to running and exercising. A. Zuntz Professional Violinist

Hayley Tamaddon

An actress friend recommended dan to me. As I need a vocal massage. I was on tour and my voice was getting tired. I didn’t think I would find someone in Manchester but then my friend told me about dan! He was amazing. A really nice guy, I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed and he was so good! My voice felt so much better the next day. After that I saw him weekly, not just for my voice but for all the injuries I was sustaining on tour! He fixed my neck, back and calf! And I can’t thank him enough! Hayley Tamaddon Professional Actor

Alexandra Brown

I was referred to Dan by an NHS Speech and Language Therapist for laryngeal physiotherapy. Not only has Dan really helped me with this side of things, but he has also provided manual therapy and exercises for symptoms caused by autoimmune conditions and chronic pain. I am appreciative that Dan has liaised with the other healthcare professionals involved in my care as part of a holistic approach, and they have also appreciated this. He is honest and will tell you if something is likely to help or not and what may be realistic, and reviews your goals with you regularly. I would recommend him to anyone. Alexandra Brown NHS psychologist

Rik Makarem

Daniel has a real ability to understand his clients needs, implement the most powerful and integrative treatments. Superb in communication and application, he makes the real and lasting difference for successful recovery and physical development. With specific and varying needs, I always come away feeling empowered and reinvigorated. Dan's the man and I will travel far and wide to get an appointment. Thanks Daniel! Rik Makarem Professional actor

Mackenzie Paget

Dan has helped me a lot with my piano playing related injuries and has gone further than any other physio I’ve had to combat the problem. I return regularly not only to maintain my well-being but to have a catch up, too! I highly recommend Dan to anyone! Mackenzie Paget Classical Pianist

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