What services does Elite Performance Physio offer?

Elite Performance Physio proudly provides a diverse range of physiotherapy. From specialized treatments such as manual laryngeal therapy, sports injury treatment, and post-op rehabilitation to targeted services like sports screening, golf specialist care, and functional movement assessment, our clinic offers comprehensive care for athletes, dancers, musicians, and individuals seeking pain management and improved performance. Additionally, we offer deep tissue and sports massage to alleviate muscle tension and enhance recovery. Experience personalised care and expert guidance in your journey to optimal physical health and performance with Elite Performance Physio.

How can physiotherapy help me with my physical health?

Elite Performance Physio offers personalised physiotherapy solutions to enhance your physical well-being and restore optimal function. Our comprehensive approach includes therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and targeted rehabilitation techniques to address joint pain, back pain, neck pain, posture issues, and orthopedic conditions. Experience transformative benefits tailored to your specific needs.

What are the benefits of attending a physiotherapy if you have RSI?

Struggling with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)? Attending physiotherapy sessions at Elite Performance Physio can be a game-changer for your recovery journey. Here’s why: Personalised Treatment Plans from our experienced physiotherapists that will assess your condition creating a bespoke plan for your current needs. With individualised care, we address the root causes of your RSI, helping you achieve optimal recovery and long-term relief. Don’t let RSI hold you back. Schedule a physiotherapy session with Elite Performance Physio today and take the first step towards a pain-free, functional future!

How can physiotherapy help with back pain and neck pain?

Physiotherapy interventions such as manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, posture correction techniques, and spinal rehabilitation can effectively alleviate back pain and neck pain, improving mobility and reducing discomfort.

Can physiotherapy assist with posture correction?

Yes, physiotherapy can assist with posture correction through targeted exercises, ergonomic assessments, and postural education to improve alignment and reduce strain on the body. Sitting at a desk all day? Feel too tall so you slouch? There’s so many factors that play a part in our day to day lives, even carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder can do it! At Elite Performance Physio we will be able to assess where change is needed and guide you as necessary!

What types of performance and sports injuries can you treat?

Elite Performance Physio specialises in performance injuries such as; dance, vocal, and musician injuries, sports injuries as well as rehabilitation. We offer treatments for sprains, strains, vocal fatigue, tendonitis, ligament injuries, fractures, whiplash, and other sports-related injuries.

Do you offer specialised treatment for vocal injuries?

Yes, we provide specialised vocal injury rehabilitation services, including speech therapy tailored for singers, laryngeal manual therapy, vocal cord rehabilitation, voice strain treatment, and vocal health exercises. Our comprehensive approach aims to restore vocal function and prevent future injuries. Additionally, we have established connections with specialist speech therapists and ENTs who specialise in the performing voice, ensuring our clients receive expert care throughout their recovery process.

How can physiotherapy help with professional voice therapy?

Physiotherapy techniques such as laryngeal manual therapy are tailored for each professional voice user, we can help address issues such as vocal nodules, hoarseness, laryngeal injuries, and overall vocal fatigue, promoting vocal health and longevity of a happy healthy voice.